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The development prospect of metal surface chemical plating

The development prospect of metal surface chemical plating

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The development prospect of metal surface chemical plating
Chemical plating is under no external current state of the plating liquid reducing agent will be metal ions reduced to metal and deposited on the surface of parts forming process of metal coating.
Chemical plating as a new type of metal surface treatment technology, in many fields of application is extremely broad, and its characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, simple process has attracted more and more attention. In the protection performance, can improve the corrosion resistance and service life of the workpiece, in the functional aspects, can improve the processing parts of the wear resistance, electrical conductivity, lubrication and other special features, so it has become a hot spot of surface treatment technology.
Many chemical plating process and material formally according to the requirement of electronic communications and computer industry development and research and development of at present domestic chemical plating field is expanding constantly, hardware, electronics, communications and computer equipment has become a big demand for chemical plating. These industries is took a fancy to the electroless plating of the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, especially welding, conductive, magnetic energy, connection performance, electromagnetic shielding characteristics.
For example, electronic equipment required to mask to prevent electromagnetic interference, electroless nickel alloy is recognized as the most effective way to mask. In addition to crystal, crystal, IC chip high-power microwave tube, seat tube, ceramic matrix, plugs, computer hard disk and so on, are by electroless plating alloy.
In petroleum, natural gas and other equipment in the industry, use a lot of chemical plating to improve its corrosion resistance. For example: in the pipeline and various spare parts, such as low carbon copper parts, its lifetime is only 2-3 months, in contrast to use electroless nickel alloy pump, impeller and other parts, long service life of more than four months; and as civil fresh water pipe connector is copper product, because of the long-term exposure to water prone to rust, water pollution, chemical plating solution to the problems of patina.
In chemical industry, owing to the use of chemical plating alloy technology to solve the problem of equipment corrosion, equipment parts and components significantly improved the service life; on the other hand, also contributed to the chemical products to improve the purity and www.pcblover.com yield, therefore in the industry application prospect is also quite considerable.
Electroless plating on Chinese will enter the future a period of rapid development.
There are three reasons:
Need first for environmental protection, energy conservation and technology progress, will restrict the development of electroplating industry China traditional. According to relevant sources, at present the country has more than 30000 electroplating factory, countries in the future will no longer send new electroplating factory licence, and the original old factory according to the magnitude of 10 per cent a year reduced until the control in the 6000 or so. Such a large number of shut down electroplating factory, its business will be filled by chemical plating.
With the development of second China some large engineering or emerging industries, increased demand for chemical plating. Such as the Three Gorges Project in many units need to use a large number of chemical plating technology. In addition, the electronics industry, especially computer, mobile phone industry booming, chemical plating is also essential.
Push third special material application and development of the automobile industry, chemical plating will also bring a new field. For example, it is the trend of the development of the automobile industry to solve the mixed fuel of ethanol and gasoline, and the use of mixed fuel is a priority for the fuel system. According to the experience of the United States, the chemical nickel alloy used in the automotive carburetor, fuel pump, oil injection system, fuel injection nozzle and other power systems and the transmission system, can solve the problem of fuel mixed fuel, but also improve the car's horsepower and reliability.
With Chinese chemical plating technology matures, domestic automobile industry, electronic industry development, to the electroless plating brought a broad market and good prospects.